A Call to Action - Reclaim Power!

Event Date: 
16 December, 2009 (All day)

A Call to Action - Reclaim Power!

On the 16th of December, at the start of the high-level "ministerial"
phase of the two-week summit, we, the movements for global justice, will
take over the conference for one day and transform it into a Peoples

Our goal is to disrupt the sessions and open a space inside the UN area to
hold the Assembly. The assembly will give a voice to those who are not being
heard, it will be an opportunity to change the agenda, to discuss the real
solutions, to send a clear message to the world calling for climate justice.

There will be a legalized starting point, which will be announced to the
media and the police. From there, the climate justice bloc will move on
towards the Bella Center. Affinity groups will make their way to the border
of the conference area from various directions. The aim is for all groups
coming from the outside to start entering the UN Area at 10am. At the same
time, groups inside the Summit will start to disrupt the sessions and
mobilize people to leave the negotiations and participate in the Peoples
Assembly. The assembly will start at 12pm at the main entrance to the Bella
Center inside the UN Area.

Reclaim Power! is a confrontational mass action of non-violent civil
disobedience. We will overcome any physical barriers that stand in our way
- but we will not respond with violence if the police try to escalate the
situation, nor create unsafe situations; we will be there to make our voices

The Peoples Assembly, in opposition to the false solutions being negotiated
at the Climate Summits, will highlight alternatives that provide real and
just solutions: leaving fossil fuels in the ground; reasserting peoples' and
community control over resources; relocalising food production; massively
reducing overconsumption, particularly in the North; recognising the
ecological and climate debt owed to the peoples of the South and making
reparations; and respecting indigenous and forest peoples' rights.

After 15 years of negotiations and no real solutions to the climate crisis,
we say enough! No more markets based solutions, no to corporate greed and
short term politics deciding our future! No to colonialism and the
land-grabs taking place in local and indigenous communities!

In December, we, from our many different backgrounds and movements,
experiences and struggles, will come together. We are indigenous peoples and
farmers, workers and environmentalists, feminists and anticapitalists.
Now, our diverse struggles for social and ecological justice are finding
common ground in the struggle for climate justice, and in our desire to
reclaim power over our own future.

See you on the streets!

To plan further the action in Copenhagen with as many of you as possible,
there will be Action Councils from the 11th until the 17th of december.
There will be short introductions of the action, updates of the situation,
legal debriefings, space for affinity groups coordination, action planning
and preparation, among others.
However... start now! Organize with your friends in affinity groups, plan
creatively, mobilize in your area, come before to Copenhagen to help out...
If you want to concretely get involved in the process, write to

Reclaim Power! is organised by "Climate Justice Action" and "Climate Justice
Now!". For more information, regular updates on meetings and actions, and
for news about the global struggles for climate justice, go to