Archive - 2003 - Call to Action


August 10th

Call to Cancun: Halt the GATS Negotiations. Take Essential Services, Such As Water, Out of the WTO.

Call to Cancun Ministerial Conference to stop GATS negotiations.

Llamamiento a Canc?n: Suspensi?n de las negociaciones sobre el AGCS. Servicios b?sicos, como el agua, fuera de la OMC

Alegato de la sociedad civil a la 5a Conferencia Ministerial de la Organizaci

July 13th

NGOs Send Memo to WTO:

NGOs have sent a joint memorandum to the WTO members on The Need to Improve Internal Transparency and Participation in the WTO.

June 1st

Via Campesina Denounces the Sacramento Ministerial Conference and Expo on Agricultural Science and Technology

Via Campesina denounces the Sacramento 'Ministerial Conference and Expo on Agricultural Science and Technology' and insists that governments do not participate in this event