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September 7th

Environmental Groups Slam EU Decision To Appeal WTO Panel Ruling in Tire Dispute

Original Publication Date: 
6 September, 2007
Environmental groups have slammed the European Union for its decision to appeal a World Trade Organization panel ruling in an EU complaint filed against a Brazilian ban on imports of retreated tires.

September 6th

Open Statement to the APEC Leaders Meeting

Original Publication Date: 
5 September, 2007
Representatives of 21 NGOs from the Asia Pacific region have delivered an open statement urging APEC leaders to 'stop making claims' that APEC reduces poverty. The group gathered in the heart of Sydney's CBD outside the city's Town Hall while New South Wales police stood nearby to ensure Sydney-siders would be spared hearing comments critical of APEC. Police had informed the group they would be permitted todisplay signs critical of APEC but not chant, speak, or rally in public.

WTO negotiations resume after summer break

Original Publication Date: 
5 September, 2007
Straight after its one-month summer break, negotiations resumed this afternoon at the World Trade Organisation at the start of a last big effort to conclude the 'modalities' of agriculture and non-agricultural market access (NAMA) by the end of September or the beginning of October and thus save the Doha Round from a lengthy period of inactivity.

Don?t rush into north-south FTAs: UNCTAD to developing nations

Original Publication Date: 
5 September, 2007
New Delhi, Sept 05: A UN body today warned developing countries such as India against rushing into bilateral or regional free trade pacts with rich nations, and advised them to retain options of implementing alternative growth plans.

US accuses Doha dissidents

Original Publication Date: 
5 September, 2007
The US has accused South Africa, Argentina, India and Brazil of jeopardising the Doha round of world trade talks by thwarting fresh efforts to reach a deal on cuts to agricultural and industrial tariffs.

STOP EPAs global day of action - 27 September

Original Publication Date: 
5 September, 2007
27 September is the anniversary of the launch of the EPA negotiations. Thursday 27 September 2007 will be the next STOP EPAs global action day. Spread the word, mobilise, organise, get ready for action on 27 September 2007!

September 3rd

US ready to talk tough to get Apec deal

Original Publication Date: 
2 September, 2007
President George W. Bush will seek to breathe fresh life into the stalled Doha round of international trade negotiations during the annual summit of Pacific Rim nations in Sydney this week.