Archive - 2007

August 7th

ASEAN nations plan WTO action on Australian prawn ban: reports

Original Publication Date: 
6 August, 2007
ASEAN countries will complain to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) about an Australian ban on prawn imports that they say constitutes an artificial trade barrier, it was reported Tuesday.

Fishermen Join Forces With Farmers

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6 August, 2007
The West Coast

July 26th

"Doha is dead", time to rethink a new model of trade

Original Publication Date: 
25 July, 2007
Over ninety civil society organizations from all over the world have sent a letter to their Trade Ministers, calling on them to acknowledge the failure of the Doha Round and to institute a two-year moratorium to provide the time and space necessary to rethink the model and process of global trade negotiations.

July 21st

India guarded over fresh WTO draft

Original Publication Date: 
20 July, 2007
New Delhi, Jul 20 The fresh WTO proposals for industrial tariffs and agricultural subsidies drew guarded response from India on Friday. While terming the revised blueprints for a final deal

July 18th

Rich nations get off easy in WTO draft - aid groups

Original Publication Date: 
17 July, 2007
GENEVA, July 18 (Reuters) - Poor-country advocates on Thursday accused global trade talk mediators of treating Europe and the United States with kid gloves in proposals meant to broker consensus toward a new World Trade Organisation pact.

June 9th

UNCTAD suggests new technique to discipline global trade

Original Publication Date: 
8 June, 2007
UNCTAD has added a new dimension for disciplining multilateral trade by a new code of conduct to prevent manipulation of exchange rate, wage rate, taxes or subsidies.

April 26th

Pakistan’s SP paper causes stir as WTO agriculture talks resume

Original Publication Date: 
25 April, 2007
The agriculture meeting this Wednesday at the WTO is expected by many diplomats to be eventful as it will be on the eve of the issuing of a 'provocative' paper by the Chair of the agriculture negotiations.

Developing countries differ at WTO farm talks

Original Publication Date: 
25 April, 2007
Differences emerged between developing countries on Wednesday over a key issue in World Trade Organisation (WTO) farm talks, a crucial part of struggling global free trade negotiations.

April 25th

Groups urge US Congress to refuse new Fast Track authority

Original Publication Date: 
24 April, 2007
More than 240 national and international groups representing religious, civil rights, environmental, farm, health, development and labour interests have come out in opposition to the grant of any new Fast Track trade authority for the WTO negotiations by the US Congress, and urged Congress to resist pressure by US corporate giants and other WTO proponents to renew this authority.

April 24th

Brussels tells WTO it will raise sanctions on U.S. products

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23 April, 2007
The European Union informed the World Trade Organization on Tuesday that it will raise retaliatory sanctions against U.S. products because Washington continues to distribute anti-dumping funds to its companies in violation of international commerce rules.