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January 7th

The high cost of free trade

Original Publication Date: 
6 January, 2006
When the free trade agreement with the United States kicked in a year ago, Bill Rush saw his big chance. His company, Australian Defence Apparel, makes ceramic plates to be worn over bulletproof vests to protect troops against armour-piercing fire. The Australian-owned company has beaten German and Israeli competition to supply the British Army and London Metropolitan Police with its plates. The prospect of a $40 million-plus sale to the US Army beckoned.

January 6th

Farm groups disappointed with Hong Kong, wary of new Farm Bill

Original Publication Date: 
5 January, 2006
U.S. farm groups disappointed with the result of the Hong Kong ministerial say they will oppose a future Doha round deal and reduced subsidies in a new farm bill unless a multilateral deal produces real market access gains, particularly in developing countries.

January 4th

WTO again delays ruling in row over EU GMO policy

Original Publication Date: 
3 January, 2006
A world trade ruling in a high-stakes row between the European Union and the United States and others over genetically modified crops has been delayed and is unlikely before February, trade diplomats said on Wednesday

Exports plummet in post FTA trade

Original Publication Date: 
3 January, 2006
Government figures show Australian exports to the US have fallen since the US Free Trade Agreement (FTA) came into force a year ago. In the 12 months to October last year, Australian exports to the United States fell by 4.7 per cent while US imports rose by 5.7 per cent.