Invitation to help create an anti-WTO mosaic-banner

Original Publication Date: 
10 October, 2005

Our Voices in Hong Kong

From the 13th to 18th December 2005 the sixth ministerial conference of the World Trade Organisation WTO will take place in Hong Kong. With the progression of the negotiations, particularly in the areas of agriculture (AoA), services and NAMA, we are threatened by the consolidation of an unjust world economy .The inequality between poor and rich continues to increase within, as well as between, countries.

We will protest worldwide against this injustice - in the countries of the global south, where the effects of the agreements are felt most directly, as well as in the industrial countries, in which poverty, deprivation of rights and inequality increase, even though the largest part of the profits flowsinto these lands.

With the campaign "Our Voices in Hong Kong" we want to make it clear that these protests are part of a common social struggle. Irrespective of where we come from or what we do: we are no longer willing to accept an unjust world economic order. The WTO sanctions the exploitation of people and of nature , to secure profits of transnational corporations and elites. Our fight is for a world economy based on solidarity among human beings and life in harmony with the environment.

Together we want to show, that we refuse the WTO negotiations, and the brutal strategies with which governments push these forward in the interest of transnational corporations. Hong Kong is far away - too far to take our protest to the streets there. But we are nevertheless determined to make our voices heard in Hong Kong.

No deal in the WTO - stop the Hong Kong Ministerial!

That is why, in the run-up to the ministerial conference we are collecting photos and statements from those people, who support the protest against the WTO. These photos will, with growing number, create an emerging picture of the protest: A globe against the WTO and the demand: "STOP WTO/OMC!" (in English, French and Chinese!). This mosaic-picture will make our protest visible in Hong Kong in the form of a huge banner.

We want to connect this campaign worldwide and collect voices from all places of protest. That is why we ask activists, groups and organisations from all over the world to support this idea and post their photos on the campaign website. We propose The banner could be carried on the streets of Hong Kong by members of OWINFS. .

If you would like to be a part of this campaign, just send an E-mail to or call us at (+49 (0)30 28094207). More information and technical support on how to upload pictures can be found at and temporarily at An example of such a protest picture can also be seen at www.softwarep

Stop the WTO's corporate agenda in Hong Kong !