Latin American Trade Unions adopt common roadmap on Labour and Environment

Original Publication Date: 
23 April, 2006
Sao Paolo, Brazil, 17-19 April, 2006. The Trade Union Conference on Labour and the Environment for Latin America in Sao Paolo concluded yesterday with a series of undertakings from the Latin American trade union movement. The Conference, organized by ORIT and Sustainlabour brought together 26 national trade union centers, federations (PSI and Rel-UITA) and confederations (ORIT and CLAT).

The Conference adopted the "Sao Paolo Accords", which incorporate Latin American concerns and challenges to the Global Resolution agreed by the Trade Unions in the Global Trade Union Assembly in Nairobi.

ORIT Social and Economic Policy Secretary, Rafael Freire, expressed concern about environmental issues which did not receive enough attention in his organisation