United States Ratchets Down Expectations For WTO Ministerial Meeting in December

Original Publication Date: 
15 November, 2005

Bliss said that the administration continues to be "mindful" of congressional "sensitivities" concerning calls by India and other developing countries for agreement in the WTO on facilitating the temporary cross-border movement of professional personnel--known as Mode 4--and that the United States has no plans to propose any new initiative in the area.

"We have been very careful not to advance any proposals [on Mode 4 in the WTO talks]," she said. "We as the United States are not making any offers with respect to temporary entry."

Members of the congressional committee with principal jurisdiction over the issue--the House Judiciary Committee on Immigration, Border Security, and Claims--have said that Congress would strongly oppose any WTO involvement in the issue, arguing that it is an immigration matter and would need to be dealt with through the normal legislative process.