4th Ministerial, Doha 2001

Lamy to take part in WTO NGO Forum

Original Publication Date: 
14 October, 2005
DG Pascal Lamy and Sec. John Tsang will be keynote speakers of a roundtable forum on 16 October 2005 at the Hong Kong University.

WTO Proposes Protest Zones for Summit

Original Publication Date: 
11 October, 2005
Organizers of a WTO summit in Hong Kong have proposed several zones to contain the 10,000 anti-globalization protesters expected to gather here in December for the conference.

Invitation to help create an anti-WTO mosaic-banner

Original Publication Date: 
10 October, 2005
In the run-up to the ministerial conference they are collecting photos and statements from those people, who support the protest against the WTO, to create an emerging picture of the protest

NGOs Roundtable Forum on MC6 to be held in Hong Kong

Original Publication Date: 
4 October, 2005
The World Trade Organization's (WTO) new Director-General Mr Pascal Lamy will listen to views of non-government organisations (NGOs) at a roundtable forum in Hong Kong on October 16.

IATP creates websites for HK MC6

Original Publication Date: 
4 October, 2005
IATP has created three websites directed toward the WTO Hong Kong Sixth Ministerial Meeting.

2005 Hong Kong Fair Trade Fair and Symposium

Original Publication Date: 
3 October, 2005
After a highly successful Fair Trade Fair and Sustainable Trade Symposium at the WTO Ministerial in Cancun 2003, a coalition of international organisations will hold a similar event in Hong Kong in December 2005 during the 6th WTO Ministerial Conference.

Maids plan WTO show of strength

Original Publication Date: 
26 September, 2005
Despite growing fears that World TradeOrganization protests may be stifled, Hong Kong's foreign domestic helpers' Asian Migrants Coordinating Body has begun 'intensifying' a campaign to mobilize its constituents to protest against deregulation policies.

?Quad? Progresses In Principle

Original Publication Date: 
25 September, 2005
Paris 'Quad' trade members from the United States, the European Union, Brazil and India were able here last Friday to conclude their meeting on an optimistic note after an exchange of figures by the United States and the European Union to be eventually plugged into a tariff-cutting formula in the market access pillar of Doha Development Agenda

Saudi Arabia, US conclude bilateral, paving way for Saudi accession at Hong Kong

Original Publication Date: 
19 September, 2005
On 9 September, Saudi Arabia and the US concluded a bilateral deal on Saudi Arabia's accession to the WTO

Hong Kong To Stock Chemical Antidotes For WTO Mtg

Original Publication Date: 
17 September, 2005
The Hong Kong government has ordered hospitals to stock up on antidotes to cyanide and insecticide in preparation for chemical attacks during the World Trade Organization meeting in December

Lamy Outlines Priorities for Hong Kong Ministerial, Officials Vow to Press for Deal

Original Publication Date: 
14 September, 2005
New World Trade Organization Director-General Pascal Lamy outlined Sept. 14 the immediate priorities member governments should focus on in order to ensure a successful outcome at the WTO's Hong Kong ministerial conference in December.

RNM Update, Special Issue, September 2005

Original Publication Date: 
8 September, 2005
The status and prospects for WTO Doha Round and FTAA negotiations are put into focus in this Special Issue of RNM Update.

Hong Kong Is the ?Priority? - Lamy

Original Publication Date: 
1 September, 2005
Pascal Lamy yesterday declared that the sixth ministerial meeting in Hong Kong set for mid-December remains his 'priority number one'

Focus on Trade, No 113, Part 2

Original Publication Date: 
31 August, 2005

US, Philippines Coordinate on DDA

Original Publication Date: 
4 August, 2005
The United States and the Philippines last week concluded meetings under the bilateral Trade and Investment Framework Agreement, during which they discussed the full range of bilateral issues and coordinated on the World Trade Organization Doha Development Agenda negotiations