Indian Farmers' Statement on India's Stand at the WTO - 23 July 2014

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23 July, 2014
In a statement released ahead of the WTO General Council meeting tomorrow, farmers organization in India called upon the Indian Government to stand firm on linking the Food Security proposal with the Trade Facilitation Agreement in WTO. Farmers’ leaders expressed shock over the Chair's summary of the G 20 trade ministers meeting which was held on July 19 at Sydney.

Statement by Sally Burch

I have participated in many UN meetings over the years, either as a journalist or communication rights activist, always with a constructive perspective.  I have never expressed disruptive attitudes, much less advocated violence.  Therefore, the only explanation I can find for my deportation from Argentina is that the government finds my opinions and analysis “disruptive” (to use the term employed by a member of the foreign ministry) of its neoliberal and pro-corporate agenda.  Some of these ideas might include:

- That issues of grave importance for humanity, with implications for human r

Foro internacional "Crisis global, G20 y políticas alternativas"

Ciudad de México, 26 y 27 de marzo 2012

Evento que reúne un abanico importante de expertos tanto universitarios como de los movimientos sociales, que compartirán sus análisis en torno al rol del G20 como espacio informal de gobernancia de la economía mundial, y expondrán políticas alternativas para enfrentar la actual crisis mundial y construir un modelo de desarrollo que ponga la gente y la naturaleza en el centro de la economía.

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Rumbo a la Cumbre del G20 en junio 2012, en Los Cabos, México


Mexico City, March 26-27, 2012

Event that gathers academic and social movements' experts, who will share their analysis on the G20 as the "new" informal body of governance of the global economy, and expose different policy alternatives to confront the actual global crisis and build a development model that puts people and nature first.

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Organized by the Mexican Coalition on G20
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Towards the G20 Summit in June 2012, in Los Cabos, Mexico