April 6th, 2003

On Eve of USDA Sacramento Biotech Ministerial, African Voices Counter Bush Claims About GMOs and African Hunger

Original Publication Date: 
5 Aprile, 2003
African groups condemn Bush administration's WTO Challenge of European GMO policies, stating GMOs not answer to African hunger.

February 7th

GM Labelling Regime Unhelpful In US Row

Original Publication Date: 
6 Febbraio, 2003
'With no proven risk to human health from GM products the USA argues that such labelling will be a disguised form of trade protection,' UK liberal Chris Davies said.

August 8th, 2002

'Reality Check': Twelve Months To Mexico And The 5th Ministerial

Original Publication Date: 
7 Agosto, 2002
The Developing Countries (DCs) continue to be frustrated because none of the mandated issues regarding implementation and Special and Differential Treatment (S&D) have progressed and resolution of S&D talks has been postponed to December of 2002.

July 19th

Repression Against Jos? Bov? Is Symptomatic Of The Increased Intolerance Against All Movements Struggling Against Neo-liberal Policies

Original Publication Date: 
18 Luglio, 2002

June 23rd

Japan To Present Fast Track Approach To Negotiating Singapore Issues In The WTO

Original Publication Date: 
22 Giugno, 2002
According to sources, Japan will acknowledge that the clarification exercise regarding issues such Investment and Competition is

March 15th

Say NO To Economic And Political Oppression!Act Now To Oppose Imperialist Wars!

Original Publication Date: 
14 Marzo, 2002
The EU Summit in Barcelona under the European Union presidency of right-wing Spanish President Jose Maria Aznar is expected to pursue even more intensively the neoliberal policy of 'free market' globalization.

April 6th, 2001

Chile - Measures Affecting The Transit And Importation Of Swordfish

Original Publication Date: 
5 Aprile, 2001
Arrangement between the European Communities and Chile Communication from the European Communities